About Us

e-LLUMIN8 is a BBBEE level company that aims to use out the box thinking to come up with solutions to South Africa’s social challenges. The main pain point they acknowledge is that of access to education. Majority of South African tertiary students are not in a position to afford textbooks, which was one of the main reasons behind the #FeesMustFall protest recently. Using disruptive thinking we have provided the platform that allows us as e-LLUMIN8 to take heed to the call from our President #ThumaMina (send me) where he challenged all citizens to come up with innovative solutions that will address the key social challenges experienced in our country. We have a platform that will enable students to access textbooks and prescribed materials in a cheaper way, thus increasing access to education.

We as e-LLUMIN8 believe that providing more cost effective ways to access prescribed content will not only alleviate stress, but provide everyone the opportunity to perform at their optimal best Ready to launch the e-LLUMIN8 App where the curriculum prescribed textbooks will be available to students digitally which will access students the accessibility of the prescribed educational information that will be less expensive and be given an option to use the required information per semester and on demand digitally. Founded by Ditiro Rantloane and Lelo Rantloane following the education pandemic #FeesMustFall and how the digital engagement of students, wifi accessibility in varsity campus, illumin8 platform will contribute to solutionize to South Africa social issue of access to prescribed textbooks for higher education institutes.


Besides the fact that it’s easy to download, fast and affordable and a more progressive fun way of learning; It’s for the love of technology. To be a gamechanger globally. To help students be the best without having to worry about how to source their study materials. It’s for the thrill of challenging the status quo. We care for our students, we want to e-llumin8 Africa and contribute in making it the next digital Innovation hub.

To ignite the world by being a key global player and contributor through out the box thinking.

Using technology and disruptive thinking to alleviate key social challenges and empowering our nation.

"You can't look at the competition and say you're going to do it better.
You have to look at the competition and say you're going to do it differently."

Steve Jobs